Beware of the Splash Zone

"I’ve been here the whole time….i just couldn’t update for a while after a computer mishap."

I never do anything for valentine’s day but I always end up with chocolate by the end of the day.

Yeah they are. Especially when I’m stretching

" I spent the beginning with my parents. For the most part, I hung out with everyone at Haru’s house."

" Things got really awkward because Haru hung a bunch of mistletoe everywhere! You know, i actually think it was Nagisa who did it."

After new years i will do both a Christmas and a new years post. Sorry for the lack of updates.

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"I… want… to pet him."

" I wish I had more time this morning to put it back to normal. I don’t think I’m ever doing that again…."

" Rei spent his birthday with his family but i did say we’d go out to shop for glasses cases and we did. He picked one with a butterfly design for himself and he picked out a blue one for me. I ended up trying on other frames while we were there."

" My legs feel too bare."


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"He is the most attractive. At least in a physical way he is. I bet if you asked anyone they would say the same thing. Wouldn’t they…?"